3 Easy Steps To Choosing The Right Pads For You

Step 1

Choose your fabric topper

You have the huge selection of our funky FFnCO cotton lycra jersey to choose from, including our very own exclusive designs!

Choose Your coloured Fleece

 This is for your fabric backer which will be worn briefs side down.

Choose the length of your pad

There are 5 size pads available;

Panty Liner

8.5 Inch

9 Inch

10.25 Inch

11.75 Inch

The closed width is 2.5 Inches


Choose the Pad Absorbancy

There are 5 pad types to choose from for all flow types;

Panty Liner - perfect for every day use

Light - great for light spotting at the beginning or end of your cycle

Regular - Perfect for everyday wear for those with a moderate flow

Heavy - Suitable for overnight wear, and for heavier flows

Postpartum/Extra Heavy - For those days when flow is very heavy and overnight wear.


Step 2

Step 3

How To Care For Your Pads

For those of you who are new to the world of CSP (Cloth sanitary pads) one thing that may be on your mind is how to deal with cleaning them and the ewww factor right?! Caring for young children removes any squeamishness around bodily functions. Having dealt with the torrent of poo, wee and vomit that is a new born, a bit of menstrual blood doesn’t seem so bad. Our brightly patterned toppers help to keep staining to a minimum. Once worn, they are simply rinsed in cold water not warm as this will make them stain, and then popped in the wash ready for next time. For stubborn stains you could add stain remover pre washing. We even sell washable mesh bags to keep the washing machine monster from eating them!

We have lots of choices when starting out building your stash including multi packs where you will make a saving of 10% compared to buying separately.

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