Eco Bamboo Reusable Rounds & Face Wipes

Eco friendly living starts right here!

They are beautifully soft on the most delicate areas of skin and are *machine washable. Perfect for removing make up, cleansing skin, nappy and facewipes are so much more eco friendly and will last for years. Also great for keeping in your handbag when out and about. Made using our funky cotton jersey and backed with beautifuly soft bamboo terry which has antibacterial properties and textured perfect for exfoliation!


Cloth Sanitary Pads

Brightening up the most difficultt time of the month!

Welcome to the world of the cloth sanitary pad – or CSP.

Cloth pads, as the name suggests, are handmade from natural, absorbent fabrics and of course our funky cotton jersey you have grown to love at FFnCO!  More significantly, they are washable - and therefore reusable. Pads are available in a range of absorbancies tailored to your flow, I can also make custom pads unique to you!

Why Choose Cloth?

We’ve made a lot of changes as a family to become more eco friendly. CSP was the next logical choice! I also love how colourful they are and how comfortable. They have shortened my cycle and made it less painful as a result of being chemical free. They are easy to wash and much more cost effective long term.

They are more cost effective long term, eco-friendly and more bright and funky than traditional sanitary towels.

Brighten up the most difficult week of the month 

I feel csp give me pretty much pain free periods and lighter too!!


We try to use reusable nappies most of the week so can just throw the pads in with them and the microbial powder and then hang them out on the line. Bish bash bosh. No extra washing and less rubbish in the bin Also so much comfier to wear, no crinkling or scratching. Just soft and comfy like an extra layer of your knickers 

There are no chemicals used to make them, they work out far cheaper, you always have them at home and they are far more economical than normal sanitary towels - not to mention comfier to wear and MUCH prettier!

The two main reasons I switched was because they can shorten your cycle, they dont smell like sanitary pads do!

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