5 ways I cope with having TWINS

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People often ask me ‘how do you cope’? And it’s honestly not a question I can answer easily. I have two sets of twins plus 3 other children, so ‘cope’ is the only option for me but it’s something I love to do!

There are a few things I would really suggest you try if you are having twins because through all the highs and lows of twin pregnancy, birth and the actual thought of having to bring 2 babies up, it can be daunting!

1. Take care of yourself

This sounds obvious, to look after yourself but twin pregnancy, birth and for the rest of your life well, it’s not going to be an easy ride. If you’re healthy and happy (as much as you can be anyway) then I find your babies usually are in general too. I am sure they can sense stress! Mine always do and so I always try and take a break if I find myself feeling down or tired. Let someone else take over for an hour if you can and accept help from others. Having 2 children at the same age can be very rewarding but also very demanding. You really do have double the things to do, double feeds and double nappy changes I really could go on. My advice is to look after yourself! If you feel like you can’t do it or are feeling the pressure then keep on going, at the end of every crazy day there are lots of amazing days!

2. Get organised

I say this a lot but I really do find it helps especially when your twins are young babies. Just things like preparing powdered milk into storage pots. If your babies are on 3 ounce add 3 level scoops into the pot. When it comes to night feeds and you’re half asleep you just add the pot of milk to your bottle.

Prepare a basket filled with things you will need for a night feed such as spare clothes, clean bottles, nappies, and dummies. Put it next to your bed and when your babies wake you should have everything close to reach (sometimes with 2 babies your hands are full and you can’t just nip downstairs for something)

I bought one of those Tommee Tippee prep machines and I honestly love it! Especially when you have 2 babies to feed, it saved a lot of stress because the bottle was perfect temperature within minutes!

Pack your hospital bag early, stock up on wipes and nappies and buy plenty of muslin squares. Sort the nursery out and get all the baby clothes in some sort of order. So when you’re on your own and both babies are screaming at least you know where the clean vests or sleep suits are.

Be organised because it really does help!

3. Get into a routine

A routine is a must when you have twins!

It’s not going to be easy especially when their babies but my first set were not in a great routine and it really was hard, little things like 1 baby would feed and go to sleep then the other baby would wake up for a feed. I would change him and my little girl would then wake up, I literally never had time to even breathe!

Second time around I wrote down the time each baby fed and amount so I knew because I generally forgot which baby had drank what. Lack of sleep didn’t help!

I always try and plan things so when I am out for example I know I am ready for silly things, like if the babies are sick, I know I have spare clothes and a spare blanket for them.

Once you have the twins in a routine it’s easier because you have a general idea when there due to be fed, when they usually fall asleep and you can then plan things around them.

4. Stay calm

Sometimes all you want to do is scream or cry! It’s like a never ending story always washing to do, babies to feed, nappies to change and then it comes to taking them out. You have 2 babies, baby bag with double the amount in and if you’re in the car you need to think about carrying 2 car seats and the bags and the shopping and the other kids (I think you see what I mean) so trying to stay calm can sometimes be hard!

Then comes teething, terrible twos, taking them out on your own I could go on but honestly the main thing is to stay calm, take a breather, count to ten or stop for a moment. Then get back to it.

5. Be confident!

Be confident you have 2 babies, you carried them, and now you’re raising them.

I really struggled with confidence when I had my first set of twin’s because I was suddenly in a world of unknown. Yeah I had looked after babies before but TWINS it’s a whole different thing. I had hardly any sleep and my first twins were super clingy. I learned not to fuss my second set as much which seems to of helped a lot. My youngest twins are a lot more relaxed and so I am and I. There are times when things get hard but try being confident in yourself and if you are struggling talk to someone.

Being confident is pretty hard no matter how good you are it things. Confidence just doesn't come naturally to me, it took me a long time to realise that I just needed to 'get over worrying and just do it'

I love to learn new things so for me I saw this as a challenge and an exciting one, who would have thought it eh? Me having twins and then again!

But I am learning to be more confident and I really think it helps it’s taken me a long time but the more confident I get the happier I am. I find I do things easier when I am not worrying as much too!

Self doubt creeps in sometimes but I think it keeps me focused. It reminds me of what I think I am doing wrong and if I am not happy with it then to change until I am happy with things!

I feel totally blessed and I plan to make the most of my life with my little ones. I want to dress them up, spoil them and make lots of fun memories!

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