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Well here you are,

When I was young I always fancied myself to be an illustrator of fantasy//horror fiction. Never for one moment did I expect to be running my own small business making childrens clothes!

Hey , I'm Bin and welcome to the Chaos Clan.

Me and my five make up the core of the clan, but it is so much more. My eldest is Jaygun 26, big brother to 4 sisters, Lucien 24, Reni 22, Moz 14 and Eddi 5. But we extend way beyond blood family ties and our family is spread out all over the country. Over the years our chaotic household has been home to many, to all who have needed it and ive been 'mum' to more than just my own. I will always do my best to help those in need even if its providing a roof to live under!

I grew up in not quite your average family set up, so how we are seems no different. I have been through some tough times but they have only made me stronger. Then 9 years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease affecting the lower intestines. At first it didn't actually have much impact on my life, my medication was light and worked well. A single parent working a job I loved as a delivery driver which I could fit around the children and my illness. After having Eddi I had to stop taking all medication while I was breast feeding as the effects were not known. During this time I went downhill quite rapidly to the point where I struggled to leave the house. There was no way I could resume my deliveries!

Now back when our Reni was young, she suffered alot with intestine and bladder problems. I was gifted some washable nappies to try out. This was the start of our cloth journey! I used them full time when Moz came along but really struggled to find clothes to fit, so bringing out the cloth once again for eddi, presented this problem all over again.

Luckily Ive never lacked in the creativity department and have never been a stranger to the sewing machine. Needlework was compulsory for 3 years at my senior school and I was the only one who had ever used a sewing machine before starting. So I took up the challenge and the extra time I had at home to make up some bits using my grandmas old machine. So big butt covering clothes in alternative fabrics that were more fitting to my tastes, think aging punk crossed with a dodgey goth.

As with how many small businesses start, comments from friends with requests for something unique and their total confidence in my abilities led to my machine taking up a permanent position in our dining room! Along with the little baby knits that I have always made this was the birth of the chaos clan hq/shop. It was a big step up from the endless dressing up outfits I spent my time making over the years.

I soon found that using patterns that were pre-1990 allowed a bit more room and were easier to adjust to fit, but updated the look by using more unusual prints. I started off with cotton based outfits giving them a reversible twist , the pattern choice on cotton is phenomenal, giving two looks for the price of one. I am big lover of 'slow fashion' and trying to reduce waste.

Expanding on from just reversible and the illustrator in me needing some release, I looked into printing t-shirts. I knew I didn't want go down the vinyl route because of its impact on the planet, I looked into screen printing. Oh what fun I have had with this coming up with designs and then learning how to print along with sewing jersey on a machine. Yep, I still haven't been able to upgrade to an overlocker yet, you could say that is still a future goal!

So this is the Chaos Clan, all our welcome to join us, or just call by our ig page and say hey. Maybe have a little browse of our shop. Or if you just want a chat or advice, im usually on the end of the phone. if anyone ever needs to rant, shout, sound off or just to be a listening ear, I'd like to think my life experiences may be able to help others out! I'm still quite often house tied during flare ups of my illness, but I'm much more accepting of this now.

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