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Updated: May 27, 2019

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Tell us a little about you and your business

Hello, my name is Cat, I am 36 from Portugal living in Nottingham and I am a graphic designer. I also run Corazon Pompom with my partner Fil and we have a 8 month old baby boy. We design pins and digital prints inspired by the amazing culture of Mexico and South America.

What inspired your business name?

I wanted a name that came from the heart and we called it exactly that, Corazon. The pompom part is because we add a mini colourful pompom to every pin we have made over 2000 pompoms now, we can't not add a pompom now. It is expected by our customers and who doesn't love a pompom, we are committed haha.

How did you first discover your passion for your craft?

3 years ago I basically wanted a llama pin and nobody had one that I liked so I decided to design my own and got lucky with our second manufacturer that "got me". I am so grateful that a few other people liked the llama too, its still my favourite design.

How long has your business been running?

We are on our 3rd year now. 

Frida’s day of the dead tribute in her house

What inspires your creations? 

The bright and colourful culture of Mexico, South America, everyday puns. Our travels also inspire us a lot, even walking on the street and seeing everyday objects can spark a funny design. We visited Frida's house and that really touched my heart and inspired a lot of my work too. I love everything colourful and try and make my work as colourful as possible.

A craft market in Mexico City

What is your proudest achievement to date?

Is knowing that our pins make people happy and smile

What is the biggest lesson you have learned?

To not put all your trust on just one manufacturer, to get quotes from various and see their work first. Also instagram numbers don't define you or your work.

Here is the pin that went wrong on the left and the one on the right is with a new manufacturer

2019 is the year of collaboration for me, I already did a cute rainbow sloth mama pin with the lovely Amy at Hello Treacle Store. I am so excited to be collaborating with Clare at Freddie Fox and Co with a really beautiful pattern that has everything I love and I really hope people love too.

What is your favourite make?

Definitely the llama pin followed by the Frida Skull pin that glows in the dark


What is the best feedback you have received?

A lady bought 14 pins of the pinata pin to give to the family members at a funeral service for a little boy. I never cried so much, but it was so beautiful. When people buy our pins and given them as a present to remember a moment or someone. That is truly wonderful and very touching. To be part of that memory is something I wasn't expecting when i started this business. 

Is there anything you regret?

Not being adventurous enough to approach possible wholesale opportunities, letting shyness being in the way. 

Sneak peak of mine a Freddie Fox & Co's collab!

What are your goals for the future?

Making more pin designs and more collabs! Hopefully another cute print with Freddie Fox and Co

What is the best part of being a maker?

Is having the creative freedom to do whatever I like, I am my own boss.

What is your least favourite job to do?

I am sure a lot of people can agree with me on this one but doing the financial or taxes part of the job is really draining and actually something I put off until the last few days of the deadline.

  What advice would you give your old self?

You should have started earlier!

What advice would you give other makers?

Go for it, if you are passionate about it then don't wait. The moment is now! Sounds so cliche, but its true. Also do what  makes you happy, there is no point in doing something that makes you miserable.

Corazon Pompom

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