Designing for Freddie Fox (Part 2)

I have loved watching my drawings come to life over the last few months on Clare‘s sewing machine. #FreddieFoxandCo has gone from strength to strength and Clare has sourced beautiful, bright fabrics to fit the brand.

As promised, here is a part 2 discussing the inspiration behind my designs and also showcasing some of the wonderful pieces Freddie Fox have made as part of their #colouryouradventure range since it launched.

The Feah Pinafore Dress

As a mum of a boy it was really fun to be able to design a dress. I wanted something bold and bright to fit in with the rest of the collection using the same #rainbow stripes. I hadn’t seen a pinafore with diagonal blocking before and so that is where I began. Originally I envisioned the rainbow stripes running parallel with the diagonal but when Clare made it up with the stripes horizontal it looked even better. It really showed off all the colours which is exactly what the #colouryouradventure range is about.

The Freddie Reversible Gilet

(Photo by the lovely @aulay.aulay.aulay)

When I first started drawing up gilet designs I had two very similar ones again involving panels of the rainbow stripes. These two designs were eventually combined to make the Freddie reversible romper. With thin side stripe panels and a triangular panel in the back, these are striking in any of the block jersey colours.

The hood lined with rainbow adds another pop of colour that Clare put in and has improved my original design and made it extra special. The thing I love most about gilets is they can be layered up and so are therefore perfect for pretty much all seasons. You can get your #FFnCo fix all year round!

The Future

#FreddieFox recently ran a design competition on instagram to find #FFNCONEXTBIGTHING There were so many fantastic entries and it was fun to see all the other creative mamas out there. My entry was a summer rainbow romper featuring what is fast becoming Freddie Fox’s signature rainbow stripe.

I think Freddie Fox embraces everything kids clothes should be by making pieces that are #bold #bright and #beautiful I’ve enjoyed designing so much and can’t wait for their #autumn #winter #collection to be released. What this space for new designs and new fabrics and always remember to #colouryouradventure 😘

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