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Written by team forever Freddie Fox & Co

This weeks blog is written by a group of mama's who are the backbone to FFnCo. I can say hand on heart if it wasnt for these girls I may have given up on this adventure some time ago. I trust each one of them so much I know I can ask them anything and expect honest answers. These girls have my back!

It is now the 2 year anniversary for them being on my team and do hope it will be forever, each of them have shared with you what it means to them being on team FFnCo.

Claire - @thegingyptians

I first discovered Freddie Fox and Co in December 2016 when I came across their lovely bibs and teethers. I was new to repping and so when Clare launches her first rep search I entered but didn’t have much confidence that I would get picked as I didn’t rep for anyone at that point. To my surprise Kal was picked for 2 shops that week, both of whom we still adore and both of whom we are forever reps for - the second of these being Freddie Fox.

Our first rep search entry:

My photo style has changed a LOT since then and also adapted as Kal learnt to crawl/walk/run! We are a great deal more outdoor focused now.

Our first purchase from Freddie Fox was some dribble bibs including this one:

As Clare branched out into clothes our Freddie Fox collection grew. Here is Kal rocking some Zeus shorts in the summer of 2017:

As Clare’s passion for clothes, colour and eco awareness grew, I was lucky enough to be involved in the design process for the ‘Colour your Adventure’ range. It was amazing to be able to draw up ideas and then watch Clare bring them to life out of jersey.

I just love the bright, colourful and bold nature of the designs and fabrics Clare chooses and stocks. They are unique and original, just like all kids should be. I also love her move across to providing eco, reusable products and have been inspired to try further eco items alongside the cloth nappies we already use.

I love the family that Freddie Fox has brought together and created. When I joined the team in January 2017, I never dreamed I would find a group of like minded, supportive and open mamas like I have. It’s been a true blessing to have them to speak with and ask advice of, especially as a first time mum.

Finally, always remember to #colouryouradventure however that may look 😍🌈❤️ be that through your clothing or your outlook, I believe colour and friendship is everything and can brighten the darkest of days.

Lyssa - @lyssamcbean

Just over 2 years ago I had my second daughter. After her birth there were a few complications – a few hours after she was born she hadn’t had a dirty nappy, wet or otherwise. What followed was a pretty tumultuous time where I won’t lie; I lost a bit of my confidence. Disenchanted with the world of Facebook I went looking for a form of social media that would lift me up and inspire me. Instagram was that place. The images I found there as well as the frankness and down to earth nature of a lot of the Mum accounts I found and began to follow made me feel like I’d found a place I could really express myself along with likeminded parents. Shortly after joining Instagram, those clever algorithms led me to Freddie Fox and Co. Our love of foxes was already well established so when I spotted a beautiful Geo Fox snood ON SALE (!) I had to have it! And so began our journey together. Clares first custom designs had just been released and I won a competition to name one of them – “Fresh as a Fox”. My winnings was a 20% discount code and so I ordered hareems for the girls in the other custom fabric (Fresh was white based – never good for my babes!) and a bib in the fabric I had named. The girls wore those hareems A LOT. Feah is now wearing the pair I bought for Lainey originally which pleases me immensely.

I took a few shots of the girls wearing their fab new clothes and posted them to insta and then seen that Clare was doing a rep search. We had never repped before, in fact I’d never even heard of it until I seen the Freddie Fox search but it sounded like fun and an excuse to be able to buy more handmade clothes as well! I didn’t think we had a hope when we applied – I had a small, private profile and other than having cute kids didn’t feel like I brought an awful lot to the plate so to speak! Clare (perhaps to her disappointment now) obviously thought otherwise and we were invited to join the team as enthusiasts. We reapplied for a second term and were ‘upgraded’ to rep status before being asked to become forever reps in a later term.

Being on the Freddie Fox team in whatever capacity has always been a delight! I am a people person, I like to hear peoples stories and I like to talk so each time a new rep search is announced I am excited to see who, and what experiences it will bring to the team. The last couple of terms have been a particular highlight with some really amazing women who I have really clicked with and a nice Scottish contingent which is lovely – it means a few of us have been able to meet in ‘real life’.

Within the Freddie Fox family, the forevers are really at the heart and they are the people who I know I can trust to be Freddie Fox Die Hards. Where we can run ideas for the business past each other and know that whether its naff or not you’ll get an honest opinion. Where no amount of rainbows is ever enough and where even if theres radio silence for a day or two theres someone there to have your back if you need. I don’t think we’re any more special than any of the other reps though; whatever their status…we just happen to be the people who have been or stuck around the longest. I often wonder if maybe Clare is just too polite to get rid of us! (Though I’m sure she’d reassure me that’s not the case – wouldn’t you Clare?) Being a rep for Freddie Fox and Co is amazing and I think it could actually be considered a defining part of me now – I am so excited to be part of the Forever team and to have seen and to be able to see and be part of all the changes that Freddie Fox has and will go through. We’re here for the duration Clare, I hope you’ll keep us!

Zoe - @lifewithmyrainbow

It's been two years since Noah aka @lifewithmyrainbow got picked by Clare to join the first ever Freddie Fox and Co team as an enthusiast. 20th January 2017 the day we discovered a whole new world and Clare opened that door for us.

We made so many amazing muma friends in that time, ladies that are there day and night to lift you up, give support and just be there, that is something I'll be forever grateful for.

In the time we've been on the team our (I say our because Noahs love for the bright, bold clothing Clare creates is as strong as mine) love for the brand has grown immensely as has our love for the creator behind it all, our own rainbow creator.

January 2018 we became forever reps. As cheesy as it sounds I can't even begin to explain what an absolute honour that is, to be able to support a brand you truly love is immense, to do it alongside people you consider friends is a joy and to be an active part of the growth of this wonderful brand has been an amazing adventure. These last two years we've seen lots of changes, with everything heading in the direction of where it is now, been given amazing chances and opportunities and done it all alongside the most amazing mumas, I for one can't wait to see what else the future holds for Freddie Fox and I'm excited to continue to be part of it all.

Janka - @ediepop.and.mama

Back in January of 2017, still fairly new to the whole Instagram world, a then six month old Edith was picked to be part of the very first team for Freddie Fox and Co.

At that point I won’t lie we supported several (okay, a lot) of small shops, dipping our toes in, finding brands that best suited not only Edith product wise, but also me as her Mama. Some lasted only one term, but others, specifically Freddie Fox, have evolved, becoming something else.

Now etched into my daily life, it seems silly to say but I can’t remember what life was like without my Freddie Fox Family.

When I say family I mean that in the truest sense of the word. Over the last two years Clare has created an environment where each Rep, both old and new, comes into the fold and feels at home. It is a safe space where we can all talk openly. Ask advice. Give advice. Have a natter. Have a laugh. Be real. It can be a little hard to keep up with sometimes but, should you need it, there will always be someone there to listen.

Aside from the mayhem of the ‘FFNCOFAMILY’ chat there is a small little corner of the internet reserved for the ‘Forever Freddie Fox’ chat.

Here I will find six truly wonderful Mama’s.

Seven if I include myself, and why wouldn’t I?!?

These ladies have supported me through some of the hardest and darkest times of my life. They have been there to pick me up, to give me encouragement, to be an ally.

We have had the privilege of watching each other’s baby’s grow into toddlers, shared their first words and first steps.

We have watched as two little boys became big brothers.

Together we have shared our journeys of motherhood.

We have cried together and we have laughed together.

Medlan - @medlanandhertrio


After stumbling upon a very new and very small insta bib shop two years ago, never would I have imagined that it was the beginning of a Mama friendship circle like no other and a rainbow love affair... (sorry obsession) of dreams!

January 2017... With a dribble prone 7month old Freddy of my own I was instantly drawn to Freddie Fox and Co and their selection of bibs and teethers, then I noticed their first rep search and entered immediately. It the first team search we entered so super excited when we were chosen as reps!!

Over two years as part of Team FFnCo, we’ve not only been honoured to be part of the business growth but also so so proud of Clare for following her dream and vision and making it all happen! Seeing the behind the scenes makes every item that little bit more special, a lot more loved! We’ve made some fab insta buddies and friends over this time, barely a day passes without sharing a joke/giggle/dilemma/drama/moan/crisis with the FF mamas. Beyond the mama circle there’s the inner circle, the Forever Foxes, an extra special little gang, the safest of safe places to share our ups and downs, an insta equivalent to family, watching their babes grow and seeing their firsts, sharing their good days and bad days is like having a whole extra set of nieces and nephews! All this from that little tiny bib shop!

So...January 2019... bibs, a thing of the past, Freddie Fox... a way of life!

Laura - @mamaandethan

Being a forever rep means so much to me. FFNCO was our first ever repping gig and I rebranded my page from drunken selfies and later on baby pictures….to the mamaandethan page it is today. I did this rebranding to enter the second ever FFNCO rep search in July 2017.

Fast forward nearly two years and our life is full of rainbows thanks to the Freddie fox brand of bright, unique and genderless clothing. We have a wardrobe full of clothing that we help to design, fabric that we help pick. And we even have a cowlie names after Ethan!

But better than all that is the fox family I have gained. The group of forever reps I now call my insta family have been there for me through the peaks and troughs of motherhood.

These women are my inspiration, my mama sisterhood. And all this because of a one woman dream to create unique and quality clothing. All sewn together with one beautiful rainbow thread!

The first 2019 team search will open Saturday 19th January keep your eyes peeled for the post if you'd like to apply!

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