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Updated: Jun 2, 2018

Hi everyone, I'm Kath - owner of Melodie Treasures. I'm a stay at home mama of 2 mini monsters, Mason who's 4 and Elodie who's nearly 2.

Before having my own children I was a Nanny helping other families with their childcare, I've always been really keen on sensory play, learning through play and the Montessori approach to learning.

Since having my children I haven't been able to return to work, I struggled massively with Post-Natal Depression and still am suffering with Anxiety. I find going to the shop alone a struggle so the thought of working around lots of people and leaving my children completely freaks me out.

Last November was sat at my friends house talking about wanting a job but not actually going out to work.. She suggested me looking into making up and selling Sensory Treasure Baskets (baskets filled with everyday sensory rich items). I've used these a lot during my time as a Nanny and also with my own children. I got home and started researching straight away, collecting lots of info & ideas.

About a week later I started bringing these ideas to life, I soon realized how popular they were - mainly because they stopped children pulling everything out of drawers in the house!!

I really enjoyed doing the Treasure Baskets but I also wanted to add a few different things to the shop so decided to have a go at painting some wooden peg dolls. Much to my surprise - I wasn't too bad at it!

I started off with educational colourful pegs with numbers/names but soon got a lot of requests for seasons, weather, emotions, families & character sets which are all super fun to do!

We have lots of other products like ring stackers, stacking rainbows, ribbon rings etc.

I have an 'office' set up in our outhouse/conservatory which means when my husband gets home from work I can chuck the kids at him (literally), run into my office, lock the door and paint in peace (for 2 seconds until they start banging on the door!!). I often have to work in the evenings as during the day we are always on the go so I just can't find the time to sit down and concentrate.

Melodie Treasures has changed so much in the past 7/8 months, a lot of that is down to my amazing team of Brand Reps - they are so supportive and come up with some pretty damn amazing ideas, I literally don't know what i'd do without them! I've added a lot to the shop over the past few months and I also have a lot of exciting things in the pipe line so keep your eyes peeled!

I have made some truly incredible friends through Melodie Treasures which I am massively grateful about.

My absolute favourite part of owning a shop is receiving messages from customers saying how happy they are with their purchases, and of course seeing all the gorgeous pictures of children with their goodies.

Being a parent is tough enough but trying to work at home with 2 young children is quite frankly, bloomin' impossible! High five to every mama out there, working or not.. You are amazing!

Thank you once again to every single person who's supported me!

Massive love & hugs to you all x

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