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Updated: Mar 7, 2018

A huge warm welcome to our team of mum guest bloggers, who are not only amazing brand ambassadors on my forever team but have become my very good friends too! Each week one of the team will write a blog, if this is something you would like to do please get in touch!

I'm Laura, the mama part of @mamaandethan. Ethan is 1 years old and is the absolute love of my life. I'm 32 and disabled so Ethan is our first and last baby...which gives me the perfect excuse to buy lots of beautiful Freddie Fox makes! (But if you speak to my husband, we "win" nearly alllll of them

). I found the insta handmade community through my love of teething jewellery, which then led me into finding Freddie Fox and buying my first handmade romper. I then started repping for them last summer and have been a massive fan ever since and became a forever rep! The thing I love about Clare's clothes is the personal aspect. Not just how personal it is choosing your own fabric, but knowing the time and love that has gone into each piece. Clare's clothes become part of big celebrations, special memories. You can't buy that in the high street.

I’m Medlan aka @mrs.p.plus.three, I have two boys and a girl, Kobe 14, Alfred 20 months and Beatrice 5 weeks (where did that go?!). We LOVE all things fun, enjoy learning through exploring and playing, you’ll usually find us getting distracted from jobs with a random game or running late because we stopped to read a book! We discovered the Insta-community about a year ago frustrated at the lack of comfy non denim baby boy clothes. Not only do we adore the bright, fun and unique designs at Freddie Fox & Co, and the super soft and comfy fit and fabrics but also the story and family behind the shop! So pleased we found them through Instagram and honoured to have been part of their journey so far, only improvement we’d love is to live closer to Clare and all of Team Freddie Fox!

Hi everyone! I'm Zoe, I'm (almost) 31 and I come from Durley in Hampshire where I live with my husband Shawn and our 4 boys Robin (14), Owen (7), Harry (6) and our little rainbow Noah (2). Our love for insta started a while ago now, like most people as a place to show snippets of our life. I discovered so many beautiful pages and was then also introduced to the amazing world of instashops, where I've in that time purchased the most beautiful hand created items that I wish where around when the others where younger. Freddie Fox and Co was one on the first small shops I discovered and I fell head over heels for the snoods Clare offered, despite not having any rep experience I entered Noah (with a brand new account @lifewithmyrainbow) into the first ever FF&CO rep search and was delighted to be chosen as an enthusiast. We've entered every term since and are now forever reps alongside the most amazing bunch of people anyone will ever have the pleasure of knowing. The forever team is actually like one big if not slightly dysfunctional family who I adore to pieces, hand on heart we've never been part of such an amazing team! Watching this rebrand come together had been amazing, seeing Clare make the ideas come to life has been incredibly exciting but even before now watching FF&CO develop and grow and getting to be a part of it every step of the way has been an absolute pleasure. Being a part of all of this has created friendships that I'll always hold onto and I'm proud that Noah and I have had the chance to be part of such an amazing journey.

My name is Lyssa and I have spent most of my life correcting people when they pronounce my name! I am Mummy to two beautiful girls, Lainey and Feah who are growing up far too fast for my liking! I stumbled upon the instagram community somewhat by accident. It was one of those apps I had installed on my phone but never really used but one new year I decided that Facebook had lost its appeal and I started sharing my photos of the girls on Insta instead. I have a self diagnosed obsession with foxes so when those clever (but sometimes annoying) Insta algorithms suggested I 'like' Freddie Fox and Co I thought - 'Why not?' Shortly after that my first purchase was made and the rest as they say is history. We applied to be part of the team, first as enthusiasts and then were delighted to be promoted to reps and now we can't believe our luck at being part of the Forever Fox team. I really love dressing the girls in items that no one else has and I'm so proud to be able to tell people that the clothes they're wearing are handmade and reccomend Clares shop - the items really are exceptional quality! I'm really looking forward to being able to contribute to the brand, share photos of my girls in their beautiful makes and to share more of our story with you on the blog in the future! Stay foxy folks!

I’m Claire, mama to Kal who is 18 months old. Our insta name is @thegingyptians as I am ginger and my husband is half Egyptian :) I started the insta when Kal was 4 months old and found handmade clothing through following other mum accounts. Insta shopping and creating flatlays/choosing Kal’s outfits helped me when I was in the depths of PND and I’ve had a love of small shops ever since. I’ve been involved with Freddie Fox since the very beginning and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Jo here @mygingersandme, I am Mummy to Cora 3 and William 1, we are truly honoured to be part of the forever fox team. We found Freddie Fox and Co on a market night, I forget now who tagged me in the post for it, but I sincerely thank them. I bought a pair of hareems and a snood and I have never looked back. Cora and Wills wardrobe are full of Freddie fox clothes. As a family we LOVE to be outside if you follow us on Insta you will probably have seen, Cora is a dress wearing tree climber, a girly girl when it comes to clothes but very much a tom boy in the things she likes to do (except she does like princesses) William is just the cheekiest little chappy who loves to be outside especially chasing his sister about. My children are my world, borrowed for such a short period of time I want to enjoy every second of them before they start their own adventures without me, a certainty that time will bring. In the mean time while I have some say in what they wear the will look amazing especially in Clare’s beautiful clothes.

Hey Everyone!

I'm Janka, aka @ediepop.andpup, taking a moment, introducing myself and how I became part of the Instagram community, supporting small shops. I first became a mum at 21 to Ethan, who is now 12! Eleven years later I had Edith, now 20 months, my ultimate rainbow of rainbow babies! Ethan is at that age now where he doesn't want to be featured on my social media so the focus of my Insta account is Edith aka Ediepop. Not forgetting the pup, Penny, who quite often features with Edith and has a daily appearance in my stories for a bit of fun!

I first discovered Instagram when Edith was about 4 months old, someone mentioned to me that there were a tonne of kid accounts on there so I thought why not and gave it a go. I soon found out that there was this community of small shops, hundreds (thousands!) of them, all selling their own hand made items. I started small, buying bibs and bows and as I photographed Edith wearing them the account grew more popular and i was introduced to Brand Repping, our first position was with a bow shop (who we are still with now!) and I'm not going to lie I got a bit addicted at first, overwhelmed by the amount of shops, it took me a while to discover what suited Edith and what my style of photography is. Over the last 16 months we have supported many small shops before settling now with a selection of brands that just feel right. With this I have found a wonderful group of Mums, many I would consider friends. There is this unseen part of Instagram where there are groups of mums chatting. We are there for each other giving advice, having a natter and a laugh. Sometimes, being a mum is quite isolating and I have found this small community so comforting. None more so than the Freddie Fox Family! Edith joined the Freddie Fox & Co team at about 6 months and we haven't left! Now, over a year later, I try to Shop Small whenever possible. I love knowing that the items I receive are not only ethically made, each item is individually made with love, care and attention! So, that's how I became a part of this community. I hope, over the next few months to introduce myself a bit more and show motherhood from my perspective. The highs, the lows, the laughter and the tears. Showing how i cope being a mama who suffers with mental illness and a chronic pain condition. Also, sharing some of my many crafting projects and my work within Holistic Health.

I'm going to leave this mini blog by saying how proud I am to be a part of the Freddie Fox & Co family!

Love & Light, Janka xoxo

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