So I’m a Mama. I’m a primary school teacher, too, and an artist (well, that sounds too formal. I’ve an art degree and I love to be creative, so that counts, right?) I feel very comfortable with #messyplay, paint handprints on the dining table or food colouring and shaving foam on the floor. We even have a crayon ‘mural’ on the wall beside our front door (ie. We embraced what we couldn’t fix!) But #playdough. Yes, ceramics major me has a hard time just letting go when it comes to playdough.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Playdough, I have come to realise, divides us Mamas; who knew?! Some love it. Some hate it. Some don’t mind the mess, other Mums twitch if they get too close. Some try to only play with one colour at a time. Others have multiple colours on the go at once. And some even allow the colours to mix!

Thankfully easily separated…

I’m the one-colour, hover-over-my-daughter, just-one-cutter-at-a-time Mama. Unless we are at toddler groups of course – then I’m an easy-breezy, have-it-your-way mix-it-up Mama (at least while the leaders aren’t watching).

One. At. A. Time!

I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the itty-bitty pieces that turn up everywhere and get stuck on the soles of your shoes. Maybe it’s the fact that the rolling pin and board never seem to be completely clean. Or maybe it’s the vibrant colours tuning to a sludge brown as they get merged together (who am I kidding, it’s all of the above).

The ‘bits’ that make me twitch

However. for all my fear of sludge brown and colourful soles, I LOVE seeing the joy it brings to my little girl. When she is playing with playdough she is

· involved in #imaginativeplay

· developing fine motor skills

· problem solving

· counting

· being #creative

· improving her language

· experimenting

· learning about properties of materials, forces and cause and effect (science magic!)

All learning, all vital for development and most importantly, all incredibly fun!

All the colours Mama!

So no matter what type of Mama (or Daddy!) you are, I really encourage you to give playdough a fair go. I’ve found that when we make our own together, the whole experience is so much fun! I have lovely memories of making it on a Sunday afternoon with my own Mum and sister. You can be creative with your colours or what you add in to give it texture.

You can find me on Instagram @ourmanycoloureddays. I’d love for you to join me on my #playful and #colourful journey of #motherhood as we try to live a more #sustainable, and #unplugged lifestyle.

Please let me know what kind of a #Mama (or #Daddy) you are in the comments below.

Daddies can play too!

Ps. Don’t tell anyone – but this just happened and I’m ok with it ;)

Officially a mixed up Mama!

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