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Written By Steph Reid

This evening I’ll be telling you about two of my favourite brands, @soapdazedevon and @freddie_foxandco. . .

Soap Daze is an honest skincare brand in the heart of Devon that I was introduced to a few years ago, and is now stocked across the country in many independent stores. Sharon creates small batches of vegan skincare products inspired by Natural, and where possible, Organic ingredients. All of the incredible products by Soap Daze are handcrafted by Sharon, who is passionate about clean living and reducing our carbon footprint. Soap Daze has generously supplied me with Cleansing Grains, Rosehip Facial Oil, an Oatmylk Soap, and a Frankincense Soap.

Freddie Fox & Co started as a handmade clothing brand nearly two years ago by Clare, Mum to Freddie; the inspiration behind the brand. Clare’s love of vibrant and unique clothing has made her a big hit in the handmade clothing world. Her brand encourages the customer to be the designer-if you can imagine it, she will try her best to create it for you. FFNCO has recently launched a new range of eco-friendly products including Bamboo Eco-Rounds, Facial Wipes and CSP’s. Clare’s aim is to sell ethical products that can be reused or recycled, reducing our contribution to landfill. FFNCO have kindly supplied me with some Bamboo Facial Wipes and a selection of Bamboo Eco-Rounds.

•Bamboo Facial Wipes and Rounds•

I’ve been using @freddie_foxandco Handmade Bamboo Eco-Rounds ever since Clare launched them a while ago with Micellar Water to remove make up, as they are gentle enough to use on the delicate eye area. The idea behind them was to reduce the amount of material waste left over from her clothing orders. Clare researched which material would work the best for the rounds, and chose Bamboo French Terry, which is made from 70% Bamboo-a natural textile created from the pulp of Bamboo grass. It is a fast growing, sustainable plant that requires less water than Cotton. It is very Absorbent and has Natural Anti Bacterial properties.

FFNCO Bamboo Eco-Rounds can be used as makeup remover pads or Breast Pads for nursing mums (extra layers of absorbent materials can be added, Clare is happy to discuss your needs before placing an order) The newly released Facial Wipes are perfect for mucky faces and sticky hands, without the need for single use wipes. Just add some water to them for a ultra soft reusable wipe that is free from perfumes or other chemicals.

I have also been using the facial wipes alongside @soapdazedevon Cleansing Grains. Both the Eco-Rounds and Facial Wipes can be washed at 40 degrees or lower with your normal wash and lined dried. FFNCO also offer a reusable mesh bag to avoid loosing any wipes to the washing machine.

•Cleansing Grains•

Made from an array of clays and plant powders, @soapdazedevon Facial Cleansing Grains have been carefully created to suit all skin types. Kaolin Clay removed excess oils and detoxes the skin. Pink French Clay removes impurities whilst firming and brightening complexions. Kelp Powder soothes dry, sensitive skin and helps to retain moisture. Marshmallow Root also has a wonderful healing property to encourage skin renewal. Soap Daze advise that a paste be made using water, a natural yogurt, fresh banana, or a light oil to create a mask cleanser. . I managed to sneak 5 minutes of peace to have a bath and test the Cleansing Grains. I have always suffered with very sensitive skin, so made a face mask using water on this occasion. It had a pleasant light scent and a slight grainy texture. You don’t need much to make a deep cleansing and exfoliating face mask, so one bottle would last quite a while. After 10 minutes, I used my @freddie_foxandco facial wipes to gently scrub off the mask. I was left with a fresh feel to my skin without the tight and drying sensation that you get from so many cleansers.


Now then...I am very partial to soap, but also extremely fussy. I hate strong smelling, over perfumed soaps that dry out your skin leaving it screaming for moisturiser. I can reassure you that I have personally tried each of @soapdazedevon creations and not one has ever disappointed me. Handcrafted using only the finest Natural ingredients, Soap Daze have a Soap for everyone. My personal favourite is Frankincense, which has a warm, comforting and uplifting scent of Clove, Nutmeg and Orange with a hint of Frankincense. FYI Sharon also offers a Cinnamon and Orange handcrafted Soy Candle that would be perfect for an evening Bath using this soap. . Oatmylk is another fabulous Soap, especially if you suffer with overly dry or sensitive skin. Made using Oat Milk, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Oats, this Soap has a subtle but delicious scent to it. . All Soap Daze soaps have a rich and moisturising lather that leaves your skin feeling hydrated rather than starved. They are also a huge 112g/4oz each. If you prefer alternative sizes, Soap Daze offer smaller Guest Soaps and Soap on a Rope that weighs an enormous 185g!

•Rosehip Oil•

Last but by no means least, @soapdazedevon Organic Pure Rosehip Facial Oil. Rosehip Oil has Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in fatty acids needed for skin regeneration and also contains Vitamins A, C, D and E. I mentioned previously that my skin is sensitive, especially during season change. I work long hours in an air conditioned work place and have very late nights at least twice a week. Over the years I have tried many brands including Clinique, Chanel, The Ordinary, and more recently, a L’Occtaine. Usually I have to use an emulsion style moisturiser to achieve “normal” looking skin, and spend a minimum of £25 to £35 per pot. . It’s best to apply 2-4 drops to your face within 3 minutes of Cleansing (the time when your skin is most absorbent) After one use of Soap Daze Rosehip Oil, my skin felt instantly hydrated and comforted. It left a gorgeous subtle glow that I’d normally have to apply a highlighter to achieve. The light consistency of the non-greasy oil left my skin smoother and brighter. I am a complete convert and for a mere £12 a bottle, I highly recommend you try it too!

Huge thank you to Steph for Sharing her product reviews with us!

If you have any questions about either product please do get in touch;

Sharon at Soap Daze Devon

Clare at FFnCO

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