T’was the Night Before School Starts

As you may know from my previous Play Dough blog post, I’m Ruth (@ourmanycoloureddays on Instagram), and I’m a #teacher. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to deal with going #backtoschool than to look at the experience through the eyes of those that matter – the parents, the children, and the teacher.

I hope this poem makes you giggle, but more than that, that it helps you see the enormous roll that a teacher plays in the life of your children, and how much we really do care for them. I wish your little ones every success this year!

T’was the Night Before School Starts


T’was the night before school starts and all through the house,

All anyone heard was the parents rejoice!

For weeks now they’d tended their sweet little dears;

Now it’s finally time they spend time with their peers!

The kids were all bathed and asleep in their beds,

New teachers faces were filling their heads.

New uniforms hung in their bedrooms with care.

New scissors, glue, pencils.and plenty to spare!

Let’s Netflix and chill, it only seems right,

Come morning those teachers’ll be a most welcome sight!

For weeks upon weeks now we’ve coped with the rabble,

Airports and day trips and kid-friendly scrabble.

Soft play and restaurants, parks, picnics, zoos.

Cinemas, beach days and searching for loos.

We’ve put in the time and spent more than we earn.

It’s time that the teachers all got their own turn!

Lots of alone time has been theirs for the taking, Backpacking, reading, relaxing and baking.

Cooking and shopping and of course sleeping in.

To think they get paid for it’s surely a sin!

They work 9 to 3 and soooooooooooooooo many days off,

Oh goodness, please don’t get us started! *cough cough.*

When it comes to teaching, there’s so little to it.

They’re just babysitters - anyone could do it!

The break did go fast though. The kids sure had fun.

But boy am I glad that routine has begun.

Football, dance, gymnastics with Scouts in between....

Wait, how long ‘til they break up for Halloween?


T’was the night before school starts and all through the town,

Children were sleeping without any sound.

All snuggled up, nice and early to boot,

Tomorrow’s adventures would be a real hoot!

Friends would be waiting with stories galore.

There’s all be much older than they seemed before. New shoes and pencils and bows, hats and bags, New teachers too, some nice, some old hags!

Summer's been fun, they've done all they desired,

But Dad's getting grumpy and Mummy's so tired!

'Will my teacher by funny, or pretty, or mean?'

Each little one wondered as they slipped off to dream.

New challenges, homeworks, opportunities, lessons, New struggles and worries, but also new blessings.

Sure, it can be tough, but it’s also quite fun,

We can play, dance, count, act, sing, draw, write, colour, run.

No matter what happened in the school year just passed,

the children can each make a fresh start at last.

So sleep well wee Harry, and Jamie, and Sue.

Let go of your worries, nothing else you can do.

For those that will start for the first time this year,

you’re starting your journey, there’s nothing to fear.

Have fun and remember to cuddle Mum tight.

Blow Daddy and kiss and remember teacher’s alright!

Mums, Dads of littles, they’re growing up fast.

Live in each moment, don’t mourn what is past.

You’ve brought them this far and it’s all worked out well,

Now trust that the teacher can get them to spell!

Go home, put your feet up, or head off to the office.

That teacher, believe me. You know that she’s got this.

Each pupil that ends up in his or her care,

That’s happened on purpose, they’re meant to be there.

For teachers are wonderful creatures you see,

They’re more than their training or teacher’s degree.

From drawing and counting to reading and spelling,

And all of it done without any yelling!


T’was the night before school starts and inside its walls

The teachers were scurrying, still decking the halls.

‘I can’t wait to meet them!’one teacher did say

As she prepared the desks for the very next day.

She’d labelled each pencil and scissors and book,

Each glue stick and desk, folder and coat hook.

She’d laminated everything that’s within reach,

Now all that’s left is to finally teach!

Her lunch had been made and the school bags were ready,

But she still felt so anxious, her hands wouldn’t steady.

New classes, new training and new teachers too,

New governors, new pupils, her nervousness grew.

“Just one more read through of my plans, schemes and notes.”

Each nervous teacher was in the same boat.

They each thought about those 30 new faces,

Would each one be happy to sit in their spaces?

And what of the parents? Will they like me I wonder?

I’ve spent hour after hour preparing this summer.

Yes I’ve had time off, but a day hasn’t gone past

That I haven’t thought about my new class.

From now until next June, my plate’s so crammed full.

I’ll spend less time at home than I do in school.

9 to 4’s when I’m teaching but I’m there soooooo much more.

I’m in 7-5 before I’m out the door.

I’ve still to take work home, I can’t get it finished.

Our work load is up, our planning time diminished.

There’s timetabling, lesson planning, assemblies to write.

Planning meetings, staff meetings can you see her plight?

Duties and rotas and PTA meetings.

Meetings with governors with budgets depleting.

Extra-curricular activities and clubs,

Marking our workbooks and booking our subs!

Attending new training, writing copious notes,

Reviewing and evaluating, keeping our pupils afloat.

Sports days and parents nights, open days, phew!

School fairs and discos need organised too.

Movie nights, fundraisers, school trips galore.

Collecting in money is the least favourite chore.

Special needs forms, risk assessment perfection.

Reports, parent meetings, no one mention inspections!

Music recitals, school concerts and plays,

Choir, competitions, they practice for days.

The list could go on but you all get the gist.

These teachers have so much on their To Do lists!

That doesn’t include how they teach in the class,

How they make learning fun so the kids have a blast.

Inventive ways to help children to read,

To do all that they can so kids truly succeed.

And so it begins, their job’s never done,

A new school year starting, oh isn’t it fun?

Now time for bed everyone, turn off those lights!

Happy first day to all, and to all a good night!

I hope I've made you all smile today! I’d love for you to join me on my journey as a mother and a teacher over on #Instagram @ourmanycoloureddays. I find that both roles are now inextricably linked and I’m grateful for the training I have received as I can use it in my day to day life with my little girl. If anyone would like to chat about school based ideas or concepts, or the crazy life of a teacher, please get in touch as I’d be happy to help if I can, especially if it involves the Early Years and #playbasedlearning #learningthroughplay.

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