Team Atria

Hello! We are Gemma & Lisa, the brains and the makers behind Atria!

Here’s a little bit on how it all started…. about ten years ago we realised that we had masses of (what we thought to be) amazing ideas of things we could make and create. Being the best of friends we spent a great deal of time together and thought we could put it to some use.

We didn’t really have a sense of direction back then and tried our hand at lots of different projects, our favourite being making about 400 padded hanging hearts, you remember the craze….it took about eight weeks to create them all. Once they were all stuffed and sewn we decided we had no outlet to sell them (insta wasn’t really a thing yet then) so they’ve all sat in storage ever since! I think that was the last time the sewing machine came out! Over the next ten years we both built day job careers which we are still really proud of but we weren’t sure it was making us tick.

Since the crazy sewing days we have both gone on to have bundles of joy, whilst being on maternity leave we both decided it was now or never and Atria the brand was born.

Atria Décor opened its doors on the 5th March 2017, Gemma came up with the idea of creating beautiful foil garlands and so the first product was made. Once the marketing for the garlands had starting and things began to sell the range extended to include prints and the foil baby scans, since then the shop has gone from strength to strength regularly adding new products to the ranges.

Initially we tried to run the décor side of things together (the fragrance division hadn’t yet been decided) but due to time constraints and never seeming to be in the same place at the same time, we decided to add another arm to the shop and on the 22nd October 2017 the Fragrance division was launched, we had no idea how successful both sides to the business were going to be! So now we both run our own shops and pages on insta…

Atria Décor –

Gemma has over ten years in interior design (day job) and is beyond talented and passionate at creating digital images and the most amazing prints along with keepsakes such as foil hand prints and baby scans. Most of Gemma’s work can be personalised or adapted to suit your colour scheme or home décor. With a keen interest in Astronomy and the sky a lot of the décor items include references to star signs & the moon. Gemma’s best sellers are below:

Atria Fragrance –

Lisa’s like to think she is a scientist creating new blends of oils, creating candles and wax melts to scent peoples personal space. Custom requests are always welcome and Lisa loves a challenge! From fruity to laundry scents there is something for everyone, recently introduced are monthly melt boxes containing five full sized melts. Lisa’s best sellers are below:

Both business are part of a bigger dream and under the umbrella of Atria the heart of home.

As we both have day jobs, children and houses to manage, finding time to run small businesses can be tricky! We generally make and create in the evenings and at weekends, we try to have at least one scheduled catch up every month to talk through new ideas and check the direction we are going in! Gemma has recently extended her living space to create a gorgeous new office space to work from, Lisa creates all of your lovely candles from her kitchen which at times isn’t ideal but there are plans for both to rent a small space to work from hopefully together at the same time!

We have found Instagram to be the most amazing platform to get our business out there, the power of social media is massive! We are so lucky to have a team of brand reps who do the most amazing job of photographing our products and shouting about our brand. We are thankful everyday for all their hard work! If you fancy giving us a follow our handles are @atria_decor & @atria_fragrance we both have webpages (above) and also use Etsy as a store front.

We are hopeful this time next year we can both devote more time to the brand possibly reducing our day job working hours so we have more time together to plan and create. At times we have both been overwhelmed with the amazing support of customers and have had to pinch ourselves as we cannot believe after all these years we are finally doing it!

In the near future we are aiming to produce a range of homeware items, and open the third division of Atria!

Follow Atria Fragrance over on instagram @atria_frangrance and Atria Decor @atria_decor

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