Sustainasponges are a great Eco alternative to using sponges around the house.

What are the benefits of the Sustainasponge?

*They make great gifts to Eco conscious friends.
*If you are wanting to make simple Eco swaps at home these are a great place to start.
*They are plastic free and can be thrown in the washing machine when a freshen up is needed.


>Fabric toppers are randomly chosen and used solely from my left over scraps from my handmade children's clothing shop at so be prepared for funky, bold and bright designs!

> The core of the sponge is terry towelling

> You have 3 choices of Sponge base giving you a different result of use;

100% Jute hessian is a rough material, great for heavy duty scrubbing.

Skrim is a thinner softer material made using 56% linen 44% cotton. Perfect for light work, cleaning windows works a treat I've been told!

Bamboo terry is beautifully soft, has natural antibacterial properties so can be used at Bath/shower time, for all types of skin. 

Approx 12cm x 15xm
Each sponge is handmade with love so sizes may vary slightly from each other. 

Wash in your normal cycle and air dry or tumble on a low heat

You can expect your hessian & Skrim Sponges to last around 6-10 weeks depending on what the use is..when it's past its best used code NEWSPONGE. To get 50% off a replacement. 


Sponge type

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